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Our Company

Bay Sales Company is a manufacturer, importer and exporter of costume fashion jewelry and accessories with a solid reputation for quality and affordable prices. We have been supplying a large volume of both domestically manufactured and imported costume jewelry and accessories  to retailers for over 35 years giving retail clients unparalleled sell thru and margins.  Our product development team, internal sourcing, domestic manufacturing and national sales force, combined with personal family direction assures limitless ability to create partnerships with additional successful retailers.      
In the recent years, Lance & Jarret Salm and Ian Friedland became the third generation to join the company to help propel us into the future. Their contemporary ideas have included web initiatives and social-media marketing strategies. We have been supplying millions of jewelry items and accessories to major specialty chains and department stores nationwide.  At the same time, we have developed very successful private label programs with retailers in the US and abroad.

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